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11 January 2007 @ 10:06 am
Title: Family Affair
Author: Jen
Rated: R
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance
Warnings: Language, Violence, Mild Sexual Content, Death
Pairings: Chaz/Cali, Rob/Jen
Summary: Jen finally puts her mother in her place.

Notes: This is only fiction. Kimberly is NOT Chester's ex girlfriend. She does not exist and Chester does NOT have a daughter.

Chapter 10 - Papercut

"What time is the party again?" One of Jen's friends asked on the way to the school parking lot.

"1pm on Saturday."

"Okay, see ya then!"

Jen started walking home and kept getting the feeling that someone was watching her. She stopped and looked around but didn't see anything but parked cars on the road and the trees that were along the sidewalk.

She sighed and began walking again. "You're just paranoid Jen." She told herself before crossing the street.

Jen was about halfway home when she heard noises coming from the woods. She began walking faster and heard footsteps behind her. She broke out into a run but didn't get very far when she was pulled back.

"You're not getting away sweetheart."


Chester looked at his watch for the millionth time and saw it was 9pm.

"Where the hell is she?" He muttered looking out the window.

"Did you call the guys?" Cali asked looking at her husband.

"I've called everybody, no one's seen her, not even Rob." Chester answered still looking out the window.

"Did you try calling her?"

"I've left voicemails, text messages, everything.. she hasn't answered." Chester said getting frustrated.

"I'm sure she's okay-" Cali started but was cut off by Chester.

"This isn't like her Cali. She never goes anywhere without telling me first."

Chester turned away from the window just as his cell phone rang.


"No, it's Mike.. I'm guessing she hasn't come home yet."

"No... I've called all of her friends and no one has seen her since school let out."

"Calm down Chaz.. I'm sure she's okay."

"What if something happened to her?"

"Don't think like that."

"How can I not? She's 16 and pregnant."

"I know she is but you gotta stay positive."

Chester sighed almost on the verge of tears. "But she's my little girl man."

"I know. I'm sure she'll be home soon."


Chester woke up early the next morning and sat down in front of the tv with a cup of coffee in his hands. He turned on the news in hopes to take his mind off of his missing daughter but seeing the Breaking Story caused him to drop his cup, sending it crashing to the floor.

"Once again Kimberly Spencer has broken out of Prison. She is armed and dangerous. If you see this woman please call the LAPD immediately."



Everyone sat in Chester's living room going over plans on what to do. Chester was sitting out in the backyard when Brad walked over, sitting down beside him.

"How ya doin', dude?" The guitarist asked looking at his friend.

"I wanna know where she is Brad."

"We all do Chester."

"She should be here, it's her fucking birthday!" Chester growled as a few tears escaped from his eyes.

Chester's cell phone went off and he quickly grabbed it from his jacket pocket.

"Who is it?"

"It's a txt message from Jen."

"Well what does it say?" Brad asked as Rob walked over.

"Don't worry Daddy, I'm fine but I need you to come get me." Chester read the message aloud before getting up and crashing into Rob.

"I'm coming with you."

"No... Jen's message said to come alone Rob."


Chester sighed as Rob turned and stormed back into the house.

"He's just worried about her Chaz."

Chester nodded and headed inside the house, grabbing his car keys before running out the front door to his car.


Chester parked the car and recieved another txt message from Jen telling him exactly where she was. Grabbing a flashlight from the glove compartment, Chester got out of his car and started to look for his missing daughter.

"JEN!!..... Jen where are you?" Chester screamed as he ran through to woods. He was at least 50 miles outside of L.A. and was now unable to get a signal on his cell phone.

"It's about time you got here."

Chester stopped running and turned around seeing Kimberly grinning at him while she held a gun to his daughter's head. Jen's hands were tied before her back and tears were streaming down her face.

"Let her go Kimberly."

"Sorry Chester... I warned her what I would do if you found out the truth and she wouldn't listen. She has to be punished."

"I'm sorry Daddy." Jen sobbed.

"It's not your fault Princess." Chester told her taking a step forward but quickly stopped when Kimberly pushed the gun closer to Jen's head.

"One more step Chester and she dies. I brought her into this world and I can just as easily take her out of it too."

"If you wanna make someone pay then do it to me. Kill me just leave Jen alone." Chester begged.

Kimberly laughed. "Not gonna happen Chester. You know she was nothing more than a mistake. She never should've been born." Kimberly told him cocking the gun.

Chester swallowed hard. "She's not a mistake. Just let her go and run. I won't call the police."

"I don't believe you! Jenna... say goodnight to Daddy."


Before Chester had the chance to react he fell onto the ground with Jen on top of him. The gun went off and a scream was heard just after. Chester quickly untied the teen and the two of them turned to see Rob laying on the ground holding his injured arm. Kimberly scrambled to her feet and reached for the gun but Jen beat her to it, pulling back the trigger and pointing it at her mother.

"What are you gonna do Jenna, shoot me?"

Jen took a step closer to Kimberly. "You've made my life a living hell. I deserve better than you and I'm not gonna take anymore of your abuse."

Kimberly started laughing. "You'll never get rid of me Jenna. I'm your mother."

Without hesitating Jen pulled the trigger and watched as Kimberly fell to the ground. Walking over, Jen pointed the gun once again shooting her mother right between the eyes, killing her instantly. Jen walked over to the older men, dropping the gun to the ground and kneeling beside her fiance.


-5 Months Later-

"It's a boy." Rob announced running into the waiting room. Everyone got up from their seats and gave the drummer a hug.

"How does it feel to a grandpa now Chester?" Mike asked looking at the singer who's face suddenly turned white.

Cali giggled and helped Chester out of his seat. "Go in there." She told him pushing him towards the door.

Chester opened the door and slowly made his way inside. A smile creeping upon his face as he layed eyes on his daughter who was holding her own child in her arms.

"Hey Princess."

Jen looked over and smiled. "Hi Daddy."

Chester walked over and sat down on one of the chairs beside her bed. "He's adorable Princess."

"I think he kinda looks like you."

Chester took a closer look at the baby. "You think? All I see is a minature Rob." Chester chuckled.

"He does look like Rob.. but I see you in him too Daddy."

"What's his name?"

"Justin.... Justin Charles Bourdon."

"Where did you get Charles, I thought you were going with Rob Jr?"

"We were going to but changed our minds at the last minute.. and the Charles is after you... I was thinking Justin Chester but it didn't sound right so I went with Charles instead."

Chester smiled, a tear falling from his eye. "Thank you Baby."

Jen smiled back wiping his tear away. "No, thank you daddy. For everything."

Chester leaned over and kissed her softly on the cheek. He never thought he'd see the day where his little girl would have a child of her own, especially after leaving her when she was three.



"I love you."

Chester smiled. "I love you too Princess."
---THE END---

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