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16 January 2007 @ 07:40 pm
Title: You Belong to Me
Author: paparazzichick
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Death
Rated: R
Pairing(s): Joe/Crystal and eventually...Brad/Crystal, Brad/Jen, Chester/Cali, Rob/Shelli
Warnings: Language, Mild Sexual Content, Violence
Summary: Basically, Crystal likes Joe and he doesn't like her...oh, the drama!

Notes: I don't own Linkin Park and this is just fiction. I also don't own Cali or Jen. I do, however, own Crystal and Shelli. The awesome banner was made by Cali


"I'm tired of being the good girl, the young one," she said while staring at the ceiling.

"Well, that was random. I guess you're thinking about him again," her best bud said while flipping through a magazine.

"It's ridiculous that age even matters these days. It's not like there's this huge age gap. It's just four years for goodness sake," she raged on.

At this point, she had gotten out of her bed and was pacing around her room. Shelli, her best bud, knew what was coming next. She figured that Crystal was going to give herself an asthma attack if she kept ranting like this. So Shelli closed the magazine to give Crystal the attention that she obviously needed.

"I don't see why you have to talk about this so much. The guy doesn't want you, get over it," Shelli stated.

Crystal didn't hear a word that Shelli said because she was gazing out of her window. There he was, the man of her dreams, and there she was, the girl that was in the way. She was his girlfriend at the moment because these things changed for him so often, it was hard to keep up. She was a blonde bombshell and same age as him, 18. By now, Shelli had noticed that her friend was distracted, so she turned around to see what caught Crystal's eye.

"Oh god! Now you're a borderline stalker," Shelli said as rolled her eyes.

"No! I just happened to look out the window and...Why am I explaining myself? It's not my fault he lives across the street," Crystal snapped as she turned her back on the scene outside.

"Hmm. Looks like he's about to cross that street too. You better hurry up and get dressed," Shelli observed.

"WHAT?!" Crystal exclaimed as she spun around.

Sure enough, Dream Boy and his girlfriend were crossing the street and heading in the direction of her house. She was panicking and Shelli just sat there laughing at the display before her. Crystal, who was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, was throwing clothes around from her closet. She was supposed to be ready a while ago.

"You're a trip...sounds like time's up," Shelli said while snickering as the doorbell was ringing.

"Stall him! Don't let my mom answer the door! Go, go, go!" Crystal exclaimed as she shoved her friend out the door.

Shelli went down the stairs just as Mrs. Stockton was about to open the door. Shelli pondered if she should interrupt what would be a priceless moment. Then she thought about how mean that would be and how she'd never hear the end of it from Crystal. So she ran to the door and shocked the woman.

"Sorry, Mrs. Stockton. You should go back to what you were doing, I'll answer the door," Shelli politely said.

"It must be Joe. Go ahead, I'll go be invisible for a while," Mrs. Stockton said as she shook her head.

The doorbell rang again, but Shelli waited until Mrs. Stockton departed downstairs to open the door. They were about to leave when Shelli flung the door open. They turned back around and greeted Shelli with a smile. The girl's smile seemed slightly fake, but Joe's was genuine. She smiled back and let them in the house.

"Where's lil’ Chris?" Joe asked.

"Upstairs," Shelli replied with a smirk on her face.

Crystal hated that nickname even more now than ever. Mostly because it let her know that Joe didn't see her as date-able. Shelli knew this and it was hard not to laugh whenever Joe said it. Shelli could picture how disgusted Crystal would look if she heard him, but Joe was oblivious to this. He couldn't see why Crystal would get so upset over a simple nickname, so he'd just laugh and tease her about it.

"Hey Joe. What's up?" Crystal said as she slowly walked down the stairs.

Joe wasn't facing the stairs when he heard Crystal, so he had to turn around to see her. When he did, he saw something he couldn't describe and was faced with thoughts he never dreamed of thinking. He stood there with his mouth gaped open and Crystal knew that he didn't see her as a kid anymore. She was going to flaunt it all in his face.
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dewaindymy on June 3rd, 2011 04:37 pm (UTC)
Интересно почитать
Интересно было почитать. Спасибо.
paparazzichickpaparazzichick on June 6th, 2011 06:56 am (UTC)
Re: Интересно почитать
Дзякуй і сардэчна запрашаем.