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19 January 2007 @ 09:15 pm
Title: You Belong to Me
Author: paparazzichick
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Death
Rated: R
Pairing(s): Joe/Crystal and eventually...Brad/Crystal, Brad/Jen, Chester/Cali, Rob/Shelli
Warnings: Language, Mild Sexual Content, Violence
Summary: Joe decides to tell Crystal that he's not ready for a commitment.

Notes: I don't own Linkin Park and this is just fiction. I also don't own Cali or Jen. I do, however, own Crystal and Shelli. The awesome banner was made by Cali!

Chapter 3: Feeling Betrayed

Crystal was severely disoriented when she woke up the next morning. She looked around the room she was in and realized that it was not her own. When she felt something brush across her leg, she jumped and turned slightly. It was just Joe’s leg brushing against hers, but when he touched her, she clearly remembered the events that happened last night.

She reminisced about how Joe had touched her. Crystal felt that he was gentle, but passionate. Crystal couldn’t have been happier to loss her virginity to Joe. It was like the best thing that ever happened to her.

“Ugh…how long have you been up?” Joe asked sounding groggy.

“Just a few minutes,” Crystal replied.

“Oh, okay,” Joe said as he got out of bed and put on his boxers.

Crystal started to think that something was wrong, but she wasn’t quite sure what it was. Joe was regretting last night with every fiber of his being. He just realized that he probably ruined their friendship and he hated that. He saw how Crystal was looking at him and he knew what it meant, but he just didn’t feel that way about her. Joe knew he going to have to tell her, but he didn’t know how.

“Joe, what are you thinking?” Crystal asked as if reading his thoughts.

“Honestly, I’m screaming at myself for what I did to you,” Joe confessed.

“Oh…” Crystal said, sounding deeply hurt.

“Chris, I’m sorry. I just don’t like you like that,” Joe said.

Crystal’s heart broke after he said that and she regretted everything. It suddenly hurt to even be around Joe, so she quickly threw on her clothes and rushed out of his house. She was aware that his parents could have been home, but she really didn’t care. She just had to get away from him and fast. Unfortunately, Joe caught up to her when she was halfway across the street. He was outside with just his boxers and a white undershirt on.

“Crystal…” Joe started, but before he could finish, Crystal slapped him.

“Don’t…just don’t,” Crystal advised as she glared at him.

“But, I really am sorry.”

“I said, don’t! Look, I asked for this, ok. Just continue not caring about my feelings like you always do.”

Crystal stormed off and Joe was confused because he just didn’t know what to do. Something told him that he shouldn’t let her go, but he didn’t move. Crystal unlocked her house door and paused. She hesitated because she thought that Joe would say something, anything to stop her. He didn’t though, so she opened the door and slammed it behind her.


“I knew this would happen!” Shelli exclaimed.

“Ugh, I really don’t want to talk about this anymore,” Crystal stated.

Crystal had spent her entire weekend talking about the situation with Shelli and crying about it. Now that it was Monday, she wanted to let it all go. She was eating lunch with Shelli at the moment and she noticed that Joe was with his friends. There was another girl there with him and she that that girl was a newbie. Crystal couldn’t believe that he had gotten over her so quickly.

“You’re going to make yourself miserable if you keep staring at him,” Shelli said when she realized what her friend was looking at.

“I can’t help it. I’m shocked at how fast he moved on,” Crystal confessed.

At that moment, Joe noticed that Crystal was staring at him and he was looking directly at her. He could tell that she was hurting and he wanted to talk to her, but he didn’t. He decided that it would only make things worse and redirected his attention to the girl at his side.

“He brushed me off!” Crystal exclaimed, shocked at his reaction.

“What’d you expect? He’s an ass, I’ve been telling you this for a while now,” Shelli replied.

“You’d think that he’d at least care about me.”

“Joe only cares about himself. Trust me, I know because he did this to my sister.”

“But…But…I was a virgin!”

Everyone heard that last statement because Crystal was now very loud. Everyone was staring at her, including Joe. Crystal couldn’t cope with the situation, so she ran.


The rumors spread like wildfire because it didn’t take people long to figure out what was going on. They noticed that Crystal and Joe weren’t talking. They just put two and two together and made up some wild rumor about what happened. Crystal suffered for weeks as the rumors got worse and worse. Joe pretended not to care or notice what was going on. Shelli got suspended for a week after fighting with a senior that was ragging on Crystal.

“They say he got her pregnant.”

“I heard she had an abortion.”

“Why would Joe mess with a freshman? It’s so shameful!”

That’s what Crystal heard as she slowly walked to her locker. She was carrying a bunch of books with her. As she was turning the lock on her locker, someone bumped into her and made her drop all of her books. The culprit didn’t stop and that pissed Crystal off. She was cursing the person out in her head as someone else decided to help her pick up her things. As Crystal rose to her feet, she realized that it was Joe.

“You should be more careful with your things,” Joe said with one of her books in his hand.

“Thanks,” she muttered as she snatched the book from him.

“So how are you doing?” Joe asked as Crystal threw her books into her locker.

“How does it look?” Crystal snapped as she slammed her locker and walked off.

She made it down the hall before Joe caught up to her. She really didn’t want to talk to him, but he didn’t seem to notice that.

“Can we talk?” Joe asked after catching up to her.

“I thought we did that already,” Crystal replied as she continued walking.

“No, you talked mostly. How about I do the talking this time?”

“You could talk until your face turned blue and it still wouldn’t change the facts.”

“The facts?”

“That you’re an asshole and I’m a dumbass for thinking otherwise.”

Crystal picked up her speed and hoped that Joe would go away. She didn’t want him to speak and woo her with his words like he usually did. She refused to be a push over this time. She wanted to hate Joe for the rest of her life, but Joe wasn’t getting the hint. He kept following her. Joe had made up his mind to talk to her this time.

Crystal walked faster and faster until she was practically running down the street. Crystal figured that Joe would get tired and give up. Unfortunately, he didn’t and that frustrated her. She was running as fast as she could and Joe was right there with her. She made it home in a matter of minutes and was completely out of breath.

“When…did you…learn…to run like that?” Joe asked breathlessly, after they stopped running.

“I…have…no idea,” Crystal replied, still trying to catch her breath.

They waited before talking again. After they recovered from that run, Joe was ready to talk and Crystal was too tired to do anything, but listen.

“I definitely got my exercise for the day,” Joe joked.

She wanted to slap him for wasting her time with a joke like that. She couldn’t believe that he found the time to joke when she was still very pissed with him.

“I’m sorry, lil’ Chris. I figured that you had feelings for me, but I didn’t know how to react to that. I never meant to hurt you,” Joe explained.

“You did though,” Crystal replied.

“I wish there was some way that I could make it up to you.”

“You could start by being honest and tell me how you do feel.”

“Okay…that night was cool, but I just don’t think of you in that way. I should have stopped myself, but I didn’t. That outfit just messed me up and I lost my mind for a moment there. I just really want to be your friend again.”

There was that damn statement again, Crystal thought to herself. She hated hearing him say that, but she was glad to hear the truth. Crystal had a decision to make, she could either forgive him and be miserable or not forgive him and be miserable.

“Fine. As long as we never repeat that night, I could live with just being friends,” Crystal lied.

“Awesome!” Joe exclaimed as he hugged Crystal.

Crystal knew she was going to regret this, but she figured that it was better to be with Joe than not.
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