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25 January 2007 @ 10:42 pm
Title: You Belong to Me
Author: paparazzichick
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Death
Rated: R
Pairing(s): Joe/Crystal and eventually...Brad/Crystal, Brad/Jen, Chester/Cali, Rob/Shelli
Warnings: Language, Mild Sexual Content, Violence
Summary: Months pass and things get messy...drama, drama, drama!

Notes: I don't own Linkin Park and this is just fiction. I also don't own Cali or Jen. I do, however, own Crystal and Shelli. The awesome banner was made by Cali!

Chapter 8: Brand New Issues

“Oh, that looks cute,” Crystal said as she picked up a baby onesie from off the rack.

“Get a neutral color though. You don’t want to get something blue and the baby turns out to be a girl,” Cali advised and then sipped on her Starbucks frappuccino.

“Which brings us back to the ultimate question, why don’t you want to know your baby’s sex?” Shelli asked.

“I told you two that I wanted to be surprised. Brad totally agrees with my decision and so should the both of you,” Crystal said as she flipped through some more baby clothes.

“Brad’s a retard. He’d agree with you on anything,” Shelli joked.

“He is not and no, he doesn’t,” Crystal replied.

“All I want to know is when he’s going to pop the question,” Cali interjected and sipped on her drink again.

The girls were at Baby’s R Us, shopping for Crystal’s incoming baby. A lot of time had passed since Crystal and Joe’s argument. Crystal unexpectedly got pregnant by Brad, but the two were glad for it. Crystal was six months pregnant and extremely excited about the whole birthing process.

Shelli and Crystal moved to LA to be closer to the guys and Cali, who they were now close friends with. Shelli was currently attending UCLA and living in an apartment with Crystal. Joe paid for the apartment because he knew that the girls couldn’t afford it. Shelli worked part-time to pay off her loans and Crystal couldn’t work at all. Shelli was also dating Rob and things were going well with them.

Joe and Crystal were on better terms now. Joe still didn’t like Crystal with Brad, but he was coping with that. He backed off because he preferred being her friend than not having her in his life at all.

“Brad and I will get married when we feel like it,” Crystal said, wondering if the thought ever crossed Brad’s mind.

“Hopefully, you will have moved in together by then,” Cali commented.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Shelli added.

Brad had asked Crystal to move in with him, but Crystal declined. Although, Crystal was happily pregnant and Brad was supportive, they still had problems. Brad had picked up a new habit, he’d stay out all night and come home at odd hours in the day. When Crystal slept at Brad’s house, she was always alone and she didn’t like that.

Crystal also didn’t like having a child out of wedlock. She had brought up marriage subtly to Brad, but he would always brush her off. It was as if he was hiding something from her, but Crystal couldn’t think of anything that Brad would want to hide.

“Shut-up, I don’t see you rushing to move in with Rob,” Crystal said and poked her tongue out at Shelli.

“What are we six?” Cali asked jokingly as Shelli stuck her tongue out too.

“Anyway, Rob and I are taking things slow,” Shelli explained.

The girls finished shopping and Crystal got tired. Crystal told the girls to bring her by Brad, so that she could put the baby’s things in it’s room. Crystal’s feet started to hurt because she had been standing too long. She knew she shouldn’t be on her feet for too long, but she liked hanging out with the girls. Cali and Shelli made sure to lecture her about that before bringing her to Brad’s house.

“You must be planning on moving in sometime because the baby’s room is at his house,” Shelli reason, reverting to their previous conversation as Crystal was getting out of the car.

“Okay, okay. When the baby drops, I’ll move in with Brad. Happy?” Crystal replied as she grabbed her bag.

“Who says that? When the baby drops, the baby’s not a CD, hon,” Cali joked.

“Whatever, you know what I mean,” Crystal replied and started to walk off.

“Are you going to be okay? We could help you,” Shelli said as she was about to get out of the car.

“No, no. I’ve got this,” Crystal said.

“You sure?” Cali asked.

“Yes, now get out of here!” Crystal exclaimed jokingly.

Crystal waved good-bye to the girls after they drove off. Crystal had a spare key to Brad’s house, so she let herself in. Crystal knew that she’d eventually have to give in and move into this place. She spent most of her time here anyway and the baby’s room was here.

“Brad!” Crystal called as she entered the house and then waited for a response.

When she didn’t receive one, she checked the driveway. Sure enough, Brad’s car wasn't there and Crystal was not surprised. Crystal’s feet were aching, but she decided to wobble up the stairs and put the baby’s things in their proper place.

The baby’s room was Brad’s junk room that he and Crystal cleaned out. It was beautifully decorated with bright pale colors. Stuffed animals and toys were spread all over the place. Crystal placed the clothes in the closet and then sat down in the rocker that was next to the baby’s crib. Once she was seated, she kicked off her shoes and socks.

“Look at me! I’m barefoot and pregnant,” Crystal thought.

Moments later, Crystal dozed off, still sitting in the rocker.


Crystal woke up in the middle of the night because her back hurt. She checked the digital clock on the baby’s dresser and realized that she had spent quite some time in that rocker. She wanted to get up because she was starving, but her feet were swollen.

“Brad!” she called again.

When again there was no response, Crystal still wasn’t surprised. She managed to get out of the rocker and wobble into the bedroom. It was dark and empty, just like Crystal expected it to be.

“He’s only around when it’s convenient for him,” Crystal thought.

Crystal didn’t like being alone like this, so she too developed her own pattern. She cut on the light on the night stand and grabbed the house phone. She punched in familiar numbers on the phone. The phone rang and on the third ring, someone picked up.

“Joey!” Crystal exclaimed after he greeted her.

“Oh, god. He’s out again? It’s…2 am, don’t you have any other friends?” Joe asked groggily.

“Oh, please. You like chauffeuring me around at odd hours like this. It gives you a sense of purpose.”

“Sure it does. I’ll be there in like 10 minutes. Oh, and if he shows up, make sure to call me this time.”

“Okay, hurry up though. I’m hungry.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

Joe had been sleeping when Crystal called, but it wasn’t a surprise for him. Crystal always called him when Brad abandoned her. Joe did like driving her around, but he would never admit that to Crystal. Joe also liked that when they did this, it upset Brad. Brad knew all about their routine and he wanted Crystal to stop it, but Crystal refused. Knowing that this was causing Brad some displeasure, always made Joe smile.

“Took you long enough,” Crystal said after opening the door for Joe.

“It didn’t take too long…here, let me hold that,” Joe replied as he grabbed Crystal’s bag, “you didn’t forget anything, right? I’m not driving back here.”

“Yeah and stop your whining. You’re not the one who’s pregnant, hungry, and has swollen feet,” Crystal snapped as she walked out and locked the door behind her.

“I guess we better stop at IHOP before you bite my head off,” Joe said as they got into his SUV.

When Crystal was sitting comfortable in the passenger seat, she laid the seat back and propped her feet on the dashboard. Joe hated it when she did that, but he was too tired to lecture her about it.

“So did Brad say where he went?” Joe asked as he drove.

“Nope. It’s sad because I never expect him to and I’m actually caring less and less about what he does with his nights. Besides, it couldn’t be anything too serious,” Crystal explained.

“You ever think that he could be cheating on you?” Joe asked and looked at Crystal.

“Brad loves me and the child that I’m carrying too much to do something like that,” Crystal replied.

Crystal wasn’t positive that what she was saying was true. She figured that if he loved her and the baby so much, he would be home by now.

“If he is cheating on me, it sure would explain a lot,” Crystal thought.


Brad realized that he lost track of time as he sat up and checked the clock. It was 9 am and Brad was worried at what Crystal might be thinking that very moment.

“Come back to bed, honey,” Jen murmured as she wrapped her arms around Brad and stroked his chest while resting her head on his shoulder.

“Quit it, you know I have to go home before Crystal gets suspicious,” Brad stated as he got up and moved away from her.

Brad started seeing Jen again in secret. Well, it was secret from all the girls, but the guys knew what he was doing. They didn’t like it because they had come to like Crystal, but they covered for him anyway because they didn’t want to see Crystal hurt. Mike didn’t like it because Jen was his cousin and he didn’t want to see her get hurt either.

Jen was currently staying at The Hilton and Brad was footing the bill because he was trying to hide her from Crystal. Jen knew what he was doing and she tolerated his scheme, but she was becoming impatient. She wanted to move back into her house with her husband.

All this hiding only pissed Jen off because she wasn’t getting what she wanted. Jen was not accustomed to anything being denied to her. At the moment, all she wanted was Brad and she wasn’t going to let him leave this room until she was done with him. Jen didn’t really care what Crystal thought because Brad was hers and hers alone.

“I don’t see why we play these games. You’re my husband,” Jen said, flashing her ring in Brad’s direction.

“We’re separated, Jen. Besides, Crystal is going to have my child,” Brad said, attempting to blow her off.

“It doesn’t seem like we’re separated right now and who cares about her. I want you, Braddles,” Jen said and pouted after.

Jen knew he couldn’t resist her when she pouted like that, which is why she did it. Brad was too weak for Jen’s temptation. He moseyed back over to Jen, who was waiting with open arms. Brad went to kiss her, but Jen stopped him.

“Oh and Braddles, you had better do something about her. I do expect to be moving back into my house and soon,” Jen commanded.

“But Jenny, she…” Brad started, but Jen shushed him.

“No, no, no. I don’t want to see your mouth moving here, I want your mouth moving down there,” Jen ordered.

Brad reluctantly obeyed.


“We need to talk,” Brad said.

“About?” Crystal asked.

“Wait, first…where are you?”

“At Joe’s, he picked me up last night, so that I wouldn’t be alone.”

“I thought you were hanging with the girls?”

“Yeah, but I got tired and went to your place. Oh, and by the way, where were you last night?”

“With a friend, don’t you worry about it.”

“You tell me not to worry a lot, but tell me this. What am I supposed to worry about then?”

“Calm down, I’ll come get you and we can talk then.”


Brad called Crystal once he made it out of Jen’s hotel room. He intended to break-up with her on the phone, but when she said that she was at Joe’s, he changed his mind. Brad wasn’t going to let Joe take Crystal away from him. He figured that there had to be a better way for him to solve this situation.

While Brad was thinking, he was speeding all the way to Joe’s house. He didn’t like thinking of Crystal even breathing the same air as Joe. Brad knew that Joe was just like a snake; wanting for Brad to mess up, so that he could make his move. Brad felt that he had claimed Crystal and he wanted Joe to back off.

“He better not have made a move on her,” Brad grunted as he rang Joe’s doorbell.

“Hey, man come on in,” Joe said, grinning at Brad’s displeasure.

Joe may have been grinning at Brad, but he really wanted to knock Brad out. He hated knowing that Brad was getting away with so much shit. Joe couldn’t understand how Brad thought that he could have both Crystal and Jen at the same time.

Joe really wanted to tell Crystal about it, but he refused to be the one that caused Crystal pain. He also figured that Crystal wouldn’t believe him anyway. She loved Brad so much that she seemed to just make an endless amount of excuses for him.

“So where’s Crystal?” Brad asked after walking into Joe’s living room.

“In the bathroom. She was eating before you called and then started to feel queasy,” Joe explained and sat on the couch.

“Hmm, I see,” Brad said as he sat on the opposite end of the couch.

“How’s Jen?” Joe asked, now glaring at Brad.

Brad wasn’t prepared for confrontation with Joe, so his face revealed the truth. Joe knew instantly that Brad was indeed with Jen last night.

“Tell Crystal the truth or I’ll tell her,” Joe commanded.

“No, I don’t think I will. You see, Crystal’s pregnant with my baby and I plan on being there for her. Unlike you, I’m not afraid to be the bigger man,” Brad replied and then added, “besides, if you did tell her, she wouldn’t believe you anyway. I’ve got her wrapped around my finger.”

Joe jumped up and was about to charge at Brad, but Crystal entered the room. She looked a little pale after throwing up everything she ate that morning. Joe switched from being pissed at Brad to being concerned about Crystal in a matter of seconds. He wanted to hold her and console her, but Brad beat him to that. Brad kissed her on the cheek and pretended to care about her.

Joe knew Brad was full of shit, but he was afraid that if he called him on it, he would lose Crystal. So he stood there and watched Brad help Crystal walk to the door.

“Thanks for taking care of her, Joe. I’ll take it from hear,” Brad said grinning.

“See ya, Joey,” Crystal said.

Just like that, they were gone. Joe was left with this sickening ache in his gut. He couldn’t believe how naïve Crystal was.
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Jen Shinoda-Haner-Dun: Afro Bradxsassysynnerx on January 26th, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
*jaw drops* *beats Brad up*

Bad... Big Bad Brad!!!
paparazzichickpaparazzichick on January 26th, 2007 03:08 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous) on May 27th, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC)
San Angelo
This wouldn't be the paparazichic from Texas, now, would it?
paparazzichickpaparazzichick on May 29th, 2011 06:06 am (UTC)
Re: San Angelo
Umm, nope. Sorry.