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30 January 2007 @ 05:03 pm
Title: You Belong to Me
Author: paparazzichick
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Death
Rated: R
Pairing(s): Joe/Crystal and eventually...Brad/Crystal, Brad/Jen, Chester/Cali, Rob/Shelli
Warnings: Language, Mild Sexual Content, Violence
Summary: A whole lot of shit happens after Crystal finally finds out about Brad.

Notes: I don't own Linkin Park and this is just fiction. I also don't own Cali or Jen. I do, however, own Crystal and Shelli. The awesome banner was made by Cali!

Chapter 10: Facing the Truth

“She wouldn’t even hear what we had to say,” Cali said.

“Oh, she heard it, she refused to believe it,” Shelli corrected.

“So you came over here because?” Joe asked.

“You’re the only one who can talk some sense into her,” Shelli replied.

After yesterday’s disaster with Crystal, the girls decided to take a new approach. Cali didn’t think telling Joe was a good idea, but Shelli was confident that it was. Shelli gathered that since Joe and Crystal were so close, she would have to believe what they said about Brad if Joe said it too.

Although Cali strongly disagreed, they went to Joe’s house anyway. They were in the midst of explaining the situation and their plan to Joe. Joe, like Cali, didn’t think that it would work. He thought Crystal would have believed Shelli, but if she didn’t, then there was nothing that could make her see the truth.

“I don’t get it. Why would she trust him over you?” Cali asked.

“She blindly loves him, I guess,” Shelli replied.

“Actually, I think that it’s because Crystal has banked too much on this relationship to have it end like that,” Joe suggested.

Cali just started at Joe. She never thought that he would say something so smart and right. Cali couldn’t believe that Joe had actually made such an observation.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Joe asked.

“You actually made sense,” Cali responded.

“It’s surprising at times, I know,” Shelli said.

“Shut-up!” Joe exclaimed.

The three of them discussed Crystal’s disposition a little more. The girls were persistent, so Joe finally agreed to talk to Crystal.

“I only hope that she will listen,” Joe thought.


Crystal was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. After Brad had regained consciousness, she knew that he would need medical attention. Neither her nor Brad were in any condition to drive, so Crystal called 911. They transponder sent an ambulance that brought them to this hospital.

Crystal talked to the doctor before he took Brad away. The doctor told her that Brad would only need a few stitches on his head and chest. Then he said that he’d prescribe some pain medication for Brad. Yet, Brad had been gone for quite some time and Crystal was getting paranoid.

“What if he’s terminally ill or something? He could die,” Crystal thought.

While Crystal was worrying, her cell phone went off. All the nurses and patients were looking her and before they could tell Crystal anything, she apologized. Crystal quickly went outside and answered the call. She hoped that it wasn’t Cali or Shelli calling her.

“Hello?” Crystal said uncertainly.

“Hey, lil’ Chris,” Joe greeted.


“Oh god, please stop calling me that.”

“Ha, now you know how I feel.”

“Okay, I’ll upgrade you to Chris if you let Joey go.”

“Alright, I think I can deal with that.”

They laughed and Joe was completely getting sidetracked from the purpose of this call. Shelli and Cali reminded him because they snapped at him in whispers. Joe rolled his eyes at them and continued talking to Crystal.

“So how are you?” Joe asked.

“Get to the point,” Shelli whispered snappily.

“I am, chill out,” Joe replied in a whisper.

“I’m not so good. I’m at the hospital right now,” Crystal said.

“What? Why?” Joe asked, worried that something was wrong with her.

“Shelli and Cali beat the crap out of Brad. So the ambulance brought us here. He’s gonna be okay though,” Crystal explained.

“Oh…I heard about that,” Joe admitted.

“Fuckin’ tell her already,” Cali snapped, keeping her voice low.

“I will, damn it,” Joe whispered sternly.

“They had no right barging in like that and making false accusations,” Crystal said.

“Chris…I’m sorry, but it’s true. Brad has been cheating on you with Jen. The guys and I have been covering for him because we didn’t want you to get hurt,” Joe confessed.

Crystal didn’t say anything. She still didn’t believe it, even though Joe was now the third person to tell her this. Crystal considered Joe to be a loyal friend, but she remembered what Brad was telling her. She realized that Brad could have been telling the truth and Joe was just trying to take her away from Brad.

“Chris, are you still there?” Joe asked.

“Brad said that I should steer clear of you and he was right,” Crystal responded.

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re just trying to break Brad and me up, so that you can take his place. It’s not going to work.”

“Chris, you can ask any of the guys and they’ll tell you. I’m not lying; I would never lie about something like this.”

“Sorry, Joe, but I’m going to have to distance myself from you.”


“Bye, Joe.”

Crystal hung up on Joe and cut off her phone. She was certain that she’d have to change her number if they were going to be so persistent. Crystal just knew that there was no way Brad would do something like that.


A few minutes later Brad was released from the hospital, Brad and Crystal took a taxi back to Brad’s house. Brad was uneasy because he figured that Crystal probably doubt him now. Yet, to his surprise, she wasn’t acting like it. Brad couldn’t believe that Crystal was dismissing his infidelity.

“Crystal, I…” Brad began, but was cut off.

“Whose car is that?” Crystal asked, pointing out the window.

The taxi had just arrived at Brad’s house and right outside was Jen’s car. Brad knew that this wasn’t going to be good, but he had no way of stopping it. He exited the taxi and paid the driver. Crystal got out after Brad and they walked to the door. Jen saw them from inside the house and decided to make her presence known.

“Crystal, I’m sorry,” Brad said suddenly.

“For what?” Crystal asked.

“Hello, Braddles. I thought you were going to take care of this,” Jen said as she stepped outside.

“Jen, I tried, but…” Brad started.

“Shut it. If you won’t do it, then I will,” Jen interjected and then turned to Crystal, “you must be the bimbo Brad knocked up.”

“And you are?” Crystal asked as she crossed her arms.

“I’m Jenna, Brad’s wife,” Jen replied.

“I thought you were divorced?” Crystal questioned and looked at Brad, who avoided her eyes.

“Right. Hon, Brad lied to you. He only told you that, so he could get in your pants and it apparently worked. Unfortunately, he got you pregnant and that’s the only reason he stayed with you,” Jen explained.

“Jen, stop it,” Brad demanded.

“No, she obviously doesn’t get it. She’s still standing there,” Jen snapped.

Crystal wanted Brad to deny it, but when her eyes finally met his, she saw pity. Crystal realized that he pitied her because she was so naïve. Normally, Crystal would have gotten mad and beat the crap out of Jen or Brad, but she wasn’t mad right now. She was incredibly sad and hurt.

“Crystal…” Brad said and went to grab her hand.

“Get away from me,” Crystal said as she moved her hand and backed away.

Crystal turned around and headed for her car. She fished in her purse and pulled out her keys as she walked. Crystal knew that driving would be difficult, but she just had to get away from all of this. Brad ran up to her to stop her.

“Crystal, stop. You can’t get into that car,” Brad said.

“Watch me,” Crystal snapped as she started to open the car’s door.

Brad put his hand on the door and prevented her from opening it. Crystal glared at Brad and wondered why she wasted her time on him.

“You were just trying to make Joe jealous, remember,” Crystal thought.

“I won’t let you go,” Brad stated, snapping Crystal out of her thoughts.

“Aww, that’s sweet. You’re a real gentleman, Braddles,” Jen commented.

“Brad, if you don’t remove your hand, I’ll do it for you,” Crystal snapped.

“You’re pregnant and you can’t drive,” Brad said.

“And whose fault is that? I never wanted this. Hell, I was just with you to make Joe jealous. So move the fuck out the way, you asshole,” Crystal rage and then kneed Brad in the groin.

Brad bent over in pain and Crystal shoved him out of her way. She hopped in her car and drove off. Crystal didn’t know where she was going, but she knew that she just had to go.


“SHE WHAT!” Joe shouted after hearing what happened to Crystal from Brad.

“What’s going on?” Shelli asked, rushing up to Joe.

“Crystal’s pissed and drove off,” Joe quickly replied and continued listening to Brad.

“She’s six months pregnant…she can’t drive!” Cali exclaimed.

The girls were at the door because they were about to leave, but then Brad called. He was telling Joe what happened with Crystal. Shelli decided to call Crystal’s cell to see where her friend was, but it went straight to voicemail.

“Great, her phone’s not on,” Shelli said and hung up.

“We should call the guys and see if she showed up at one of their houses,” Cali suggested and started dialing on her cell.

“Brad, if anything happens to her, it’s all on you,” Joe snapped and slammed the phone on its cradle.

“We’re calling the guys. I’m sure she wouldn’t go too far,” Shelli said, hoping that what she was saying was true.

Joe didn’t know what to do. He tried to tell Crystal about Brad, but she refused to listen to him. Joe felt like the whole thing was his fault. Mostly because he knew that Brad wasn’t good for Crystal, but he didn’t do anything about it.

“I should have never let her date him. I should have told her my feelings,” Joe thought.

While the girls were on their phones, Joe was stuck with his thoughts. He tried to think of where Crystal would go, but he was drawing a blank. Usually Crystal would have showed up at Joe’s house, but he doubted that she would do something like that now. Just as he was sure of that, his phone rang.

“Hello,” Joe said.

“Joe, I’m so stupid,” Crystal said.

“Chris! Where are you?” Joe asked, completely frantic.

The girls quickly ended their calls and huddled around Joe to hear what was going on.

“I’m in the car. I didn’t know what to do, I had to get away,” Crystal explained.

“It’s okay, just drive over here and we can work this out,” Joe said.

“How can you say that after what I said to you earlier?” Crystal asked.

“Because you’re my friend no matter what. Now just come over already. I don’t want you driving around like this,” Joe responded.

Crystal had only been driving for 20 minutes and she had been crying as well. She figured that calling Joe would make things better. Now that she was talking to Joe, she realized that she was right about that. Crystal just couldn’t believe how forgiving Joe was being. She was glad that she had someone like him in her life.

“Okay, I’m on my way,” Crystal said.

“Good…God, you had me so worried,” Joe confessed.

“I’m sorry, I hate making you worry,” Crystal said.

Crystal was approaching a traffic light and it was turning yellow. She sped up to beat the light, but it turned red. She kept going and just as she was about to cross the intersection, a car sped towards her car. She gasped and dropped the phone as stared into the car’s headlights.

“Crystal!” Joe shouted after hearing her scream.
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Jen Shinoda-Haner-Dunxsassysynnerx on January 30th, 2007 10:51 pm (UTC)
holy shit! she's gonna lose the baby!!!
paparazzichickpaparazzichick on January 30th, 2007 11:28 pm (UTC)
hmm, i'm not gonna say anything.